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The narrative

Although our project was started in 1993, it was the summer of 2006 before the web site was started. It will gradually be added to, as time permits, until we have built the definitive history of our walk around the coast of England.

Roger writing up his notes

It is not intended to be a descriptive encyclopaedia of the coast, but a diary of our travels. Each time we stopped for a rest, Roger wrote up his notes of times and position, together with any interesting (to us) points surrounding the last hour or so. Each year, on our return home these notes inevitably evoked further memories and so the diary of that year's walk was born. Originally they were kept for our amusement, but now they are to be inflicted on the general public on this web site.

We hope that it is of interest to our friends, family, and others who stumble across it. We hope that everyone who reads this will find it mildly amusing, and may it provide encouragement to anyone who is contemplating such a project.

Web site content

Brian on a computer

This website is being designed and constructed by Brian Chaney. I can be contacted through the details given at the bottom of this page.

The main text used in the narrative of the adventures, and in constructing the website, was written by Roger Curtis

Photographs used in the website were taken by Brian unless acknowledged in the web pages. In the early years, the only camera carried was a simple disposable camera, but in later years, a cheap digital camera has been used. As the years have gone by, photographs have been supplemented by going back to take photographs of the relevant area, so not all are now contemporaneous with the actual walk. The year the photograph was taken is therefore indcated in the gallery if not actually taken during the walk.

embedded picture

Photographs are embedded on schematic maps in the narrative, using the symbol shown to the left. The photograph can be seen by clicking on this symbol in a map. It will open in a pop-up window. Alternatively, the photographs can be seen in the "Gallery" slideshow.

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