Being the Account of the Extraordinary Feet of Two Old School Pals

The whole mad scheme started one evening after dinner. I say Brian was responsible for starting it, he blames me. (As this is written a full year after those first fateful discussions, the detail has been lost as the effects of time and alcohol take their toll).

We had several more planning sessions over the next six months and our start point changed as did our target. Our first plan was to go North (East would have been impossible) but in the end we decided to go South. At no stage did we consider going West, although some people thought we had gone West years ago.

I think we may even have started to impress our nearest & dearest with our earnest discussions about daily distances, terrain and so on.

Roger calculating

In the end the decision was made - we would walk the coastal section of the Cleveland Way, or that bit as far as Scarborough. Saltburn to Scarborough in 4 days. According to my AA atlas it is about 40 miles. At only 10 miles a day this should be a piece of cake. Three hours before lunch at 2 miles an hour equates to six miles. An hour for lunch, followed by two more hours at 2mph. Take two fifteen minute tea breaks and time to admire the scenery, and our day's work will be finished by about 4.00pm. That leaves ample time to recover in our digs before finding an eating house suitable for two hungry and hardened walkers before adjourning to the local pub for the evening.

The task we have set ourselves should be nice & comfortable, why we might even do the whole of the coastal section and finish in Filey, it's only seven more miles.

Brian and Roger walking

There is no limit to our confidence! We have even taken into account the fact that I haven't done any serious walking for more than 20 years. Brian having done the Lyke Wake Walk - in a day - thinks our daily targets are very conservative.

With such a background how can we fail? This walking lark is really simple.