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Although this website was constructed mainly for the amusement of ourselves and our friends and family, it is possible that you are reading this and wondering if this is the same Brian and Roger you knew from way-back Well for the benefit of those who are wondering, this page is about us, and if you think you know us and want to make contact, then our e-mail addresses are published below.

Swindon and School

Headlands school
Headlands School, Swindon - where the story really began

We were both born and brought up in Swindon, Wiltshire, and met at what was then Headlands Grammar School in Swindon. Brian attended from 1963 to 1970; Roger 1962 to 1969. From 1964 to 1969, we were in the same class. We survived our "O" levels and "A" levels, and all the usual torments of school before moving on to higher education.

When we arrived Headlands was a traditional state grammar school, but turned comprehensive when we were halfway through our school careers. This change was brilliantly managed by the head, the late Mr Thomas Magson, He was universally and affectionately known as the Boss by all the pupils. We both feel that during our time there the strict, but not harsh, discipline, coupled with the real interest of the staff in their pupils gave us a very rounded education and good set of values for later life.

It also led to this website......

Many good habits and beliefs were instilled at school, amongst them a belief that quality counts; do the job well; and a love of rugby [all be it played with varying levels of skill]. They also encouraged us to think rationally and independently and not to ignore facts.

It is perhaps in this area that the school did fail us. as against all reason, we still share the belief that there is only one football team worth the name - Swindon Town FC. Although now living in the north we still try to get to as many of their away matches as possible,

The school can perhaps also be blamed for this website as we were introduced to long distance walking by participating in a couple of charity walks to Salisbury.

Brian Chaney


Brian is the one with the sporting ability and fitness to match his aspirations. This led to him representing the school, town and even the county in rugby; soccer and athletics.

Brian read Chemistry at London University, Queen Mary College, before moving to Leeds to take up a post-doctoral research fellowship at Leeds University.

When finally compelled to earn a living Brian taught in further education in the Leeds area. Having survived various mergers and rationalizations ended up employed as the Head of 14-19 School Partnerships at a College in Leeds, but took early retirement in 2011.

Married, but now divorced, Brian has two children; Lisa [b.1980] and Mark [b 1986] and lives in Guiseley, West Yorkshire.

He continues to participate in sport - from the touchline and sofa; enjoys walking; music - especially folk; and wine and beer drinking.

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Roger Curtis


Roger is the one whose sporting ability and fitness didn't match his aspirations. This is perhaps fortunate for a generation of British sportsmen who wouldn't have won their pots and medals if his skills had matched his aspirations. As it was he did manage to represent school and college at rugby [2nd XV].

On leaving school Roger went to Edge Hill College, Ormskirk in the belief he was God's gift to teaching. Two years later the reality finally percolated through and he moved to Preston Polytechnic to study Chemistry.

After graduating in 1974 Roger took up gainful employment with Twining's Tea in Andover Hampshire. Three years or so later he moved to their North Shields factory where, after more than 30 years at the coal face of Quality Management, he was made redundant in 2011, when the factory closed.

Married to Kath, who he met at Edge Hill, they have two children; Sarah [b.1981] and Helen [b 1985]. He currently lives less than a quarter of a mile from the sea at Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear [or Northumberland as his older neighbours still insist.]

He too continues to participate in sport - from the touchline and sofa; enjoys walking; travel; and wine and beer drinking.

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